Value Over Effort

We have seen in our engagements a common theme or problem related to the amount of effort that organizations invest in the management and the capturing of knowledge. We have concluded that companies and employees struggle to manage the balance of value received versus effort required for many management functions. We see this as our business opportunity.


An example of the value over effort conundrum is the reality of employee job descriptions. Ask yourself, do you have a current and valid job description?


How can your organization improve your productivity, ensure your success or provide you with the support necessary to derive the highest level of value from your efforts, when they do not even have an up-to-date and official record of your job?


At Transition Path, we have built all of our products with a specific expectation of the value derived from the effort committed. For each engagement we provide the systems, methodology and final product entirely within a delivery commitment.


In the instance of the first phase of our engagements, which we refer to as a BroadScope™ is limited to 90 minutes. We can provide a detailed BroadScope™ of any job, for any company that will encapsulate the critical roles and responsibilities and status necessary to begin the process of knowledge management.

Every Transition Path program is balanced to derive maximum value for our customer and minimize the customer effort required.


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