Many Companies in the Aerospace industry are seeing shortfalls in knowledge ownership, meaning we are losing very Senior Engineers mostly through retirement. When they retire most of their inside knowledge is lost. The type of experience that is now lost to the company when this occurs cannot be easily replaced, in fact if you consider aircraft design and certification methods, going down the wrong design path can cost a company millions through poor decisions.   I was exposed to the methodologies that have been developed by Transition Path and was surprised on how many areas of expertise were found to be at risk of not being transferred to others within the company. We do have methods and requirements to train our engineers within our company but the Broadscope performed on my functions highlighted many areas where deficiencies in knowledge transition were uncovered. If followed through with the right plan the critical areas that had been shown to be in need of attention would undoubtedly be of great benefit to any employer ensuring stability within the organization.


John Harwood

Principal Engineering Specialist - D.A.D.

Air Systems

Commercial Aircraft

The initial BroadScope Map is a fascinating tool.  The simplicity is intriguing while the output is highly useful.  I was impressed with the interview process and how quickly Ken was able to drill into details without being a subject matter expert - I am assuming this fact...   The red flags are the areas that require the most attention and Ken was able to identify these quickly and lead me through a meaningful discussion.  Very impressive.


I could see a COO or CNO using this tool for workforce planning.  The challenge is to get someone to use it for the first time.  Res Ipsa Loquitor - the thing that speaks for itself!  


My last comment is that this would be useful to the critical roles of a company as defined by you and the company.  What I mean is that some companies might really value finance but it is not really a critical role; whereas, the engineering or control room personnel are very critical to operations.   It is this taxonomy that will focus the organization to gain maximum value from this process. 


Russ Steward

Vice President

Tennessee Valley Authority

“Transition Path's knowledge capture techniques are the best that I have seen anywhere. They provide a surprisingly detailed map of complicated jobs enabling companies to make the right decisions during transition periods. The visual output is very useful not only to the targeted employees, but to their successors and their superiors. I've become a believer after hearing the executives who underwent BroadScope say how pleased they were with the process.”


Professor Emerita Dorothy A. Leonard

Harvard Business School.

"One of our senior leaders was recently provided with a BroadScope for the role into which he was moving. He has since remarked on its value as it helped him to immediately understand and appreciate the overall scope of his new role and to quickly identify complexity and risk associated with it.


In addition, the BroadScope served to guide and support important conversations between himself and the retiring leader, thereby maximizing the limited time available for the knowledge transfer process.


From my perspective, the BroadScope process is a really effective and meaningful vehicle for managing intellectual capital, particularly for large and complex roles."


Melanie Braaten,

Vice President, HR Business Partners & Talent Management

OPG (Ontario Power Generation)

"We have been utilizing Transition-path's Broadscope and PDM tools for over a year now in Major Components Engineering at Ontario Power Generation.  The diversity of these tools has allowed us to deploy these on a variety of different deliverables including Project Initiation, Knowledge Transfer / Retention, and Training.


Project initiation


The Broadscope process has proved to be successful in facilitating and capturing the discussions with Subject Matter Experts on First In Awhile (FIAW) and First of a Kind (FOAK) projects. The path that this process takes you down when looking at risks when initiating FIAW and FOAK projects has lead us to some look into some issues that we initially didn’t appreciate as being “red flags”.  This has better prepared us in making risk-based decisions and providing our senior team with a more complete picture of what to expect when embarking on an unfamiliar process as a company.


Knowledge Transfer


The area of knowledge retention and knowledge transfer in Major Components is one of our main challenges with an ageing and dynamic workforce.  We have been able to utilize this process both on people who have left our organization quite some time ago, and to proactively work on Knowledge Transfer for high-potential employees who are at risk of leaving the group.  This process provides both comfort for important areas highlighted by ex-staff that your group can currently support, and areas of focus for the group where a vulnerability exists and additional training or knowledge transfer can be of benefit.




The PDM  process was deployed for helping set the framework for a highly technical information session with our senior team on current concerns facing  Major Components.  Bringing together Subject Matter Experts to go over technical, behavioural, and regulatory concerns helped focus the message we wanted to deliver in our presentation.  In the end, this helped develop a common theme to our presentation material, and the deliverable from this product facilitated great discussion throughout the delivery of our information sessions."   



Paul Fabian, P. Eng

Manager – Major Components Engineering

“Within Nuclear Engineering we have been emphasizing Knowledge Transfer and Retention through a disciplined program. An important starting point in our program has been the conduct of the Transition

Path BroadScope mapping interview process. Through this process, our Experts have been able to visually see and focus in on those critical skills, functions and areas of expertise that are essential for inclusion in the development of the follow-on transfer plans and activities.  We see the BroadScope maps as an valuable tool for our

experts their successors, coaches, and leaders.”


Bradley J. Erbes Engineering Knowledge Management Leader

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

"The Transition Path BroadScope, Detailed Discovery, PDM and 100 Day Plan are impressive tools that we have been using in GE Transportation since 2014. 


We started out using these tools exclusively for our knowledge transfer process, but quickly realized their broader applications throughout our business.  To date we have used these tools to transfer knowledge globally, insure smooth employee transitions, obtain more accurate position descriptions, reduce non-value added work and improve the way we work making the lives of our managers and employees easier.  The Transition path team are always responsive, with quick turn around and are always willing to work with you to help you attain your goals."


Joseph DeConno

Sr. Manager, HR Ops, Payroll & SWP

GE Transportation

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