Knowledge Management

For decades, consultants have struggled with company knowledge management, the reason being that their solutions are often nebulous, complicated and can drag on. Transition Path has challenged this by ensuring our methods are based on 90 – minute intervals, which allow the organization to deliver on their day-to-day mandate, without having to be experts in the transfer of knowledge. Our methodology is designed and delivered in modules in order to reduce the cost of knowledge management. We only want customers to continue with Detailed Discoveries and other solutions when it is justified. Fortifying the first line manager is key to actively delivering on their mandate, by understanding precisely what it is that their employees do.


Every Transition Path document is entirely searchable, meaning that future employees can search BroadScopes, Detailed Discoveries, PDMs (Participatory Decision Making), 100 Day Plans and Organized Knowledge systems. The search will allow your employees to find the relevant material and understand the author of the BroadScope. Maintaining a link to the author is an important part of our methodology because it ensures that the content is reliable and if necessary, the future expert can contact the former employee for clarification.

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