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Aviation – The global aviation industry is one of the fastest growing technology sectors with over two trillion dollars in pre-sold aircraft. The competition for talent and the aging demographics of this industry pose a significant risk with the loss of institutional knowledge when experts retire, move, or resign. Transition Path’s methodologies are deployed anywhere in the world, within twenty-four hours, providing a consistent interpretation of complex roles and responsibilities. For urgent support please contact us.

Nuclear Power Generation – The nuclear power industry is recognized as one of the most complicated engineering challenges. The aging demographics along with the aging infrastructure poses a complex challenge to ensure safe, reliable power generation. Understanding precisely what our experts do remains a day to day challenge. The balance between the demands of a regulator and the increasing pressure to reduce costs and deliver safe and reliable power, requires leadership to introduce effective means to isolate opportunities to reduce cost and to drive improvements in productivity and performance metrics. Transition Path has been within the nuclear power industry for over ten years, supporting the power generators, regulators and the engineering vendor community with solutions that effectively capture, organize and prioritize precisely what experts do. With these tools, we can transition this expertise to the next generation of nuclear power workers.

Electrical utilities – Electrical utilities across North America are challenged to expand services and reduce costs. With an aging workforce, and a growing challenge to compete for qualified talent, the electrical industry is actively developing capabilities to document precisely what people do in their role, as the basis to which we can reduce work and drive improvements in service and costs. Transition Path’s knowledge capturing solutions have been deployed across utilities and municipalities throughout North America to achieve these objectives.

Financial services – Fintech represents a significant opportunity for growth and disruption within the financial services sector. Financial institutions that introduce new solutions to the market faster than their competitors can create significant advantages in customer satisfaction and overall market share. The North American financial sector is challenged with an aging demographics whereby long term serving employees retire with little or no transfer of this expertise to the next generation of workers. Working with the top financial intuitions in North America, Transition Path has developed leading solutions to document precisely what it is that their experts do, providing a critical element in succession planning and on boarding new talent.

Public Sector – The public sector is facing a significant challenge in the competition for the best talent. At the same time, the government tax revenues are projected to decline as the aging workforce retires and general public spending declines. Governments across North America and Europe remain challenged to reduce cost and improve services. Transition Path has been working within the public sector, providing solutions for management and employees within the collective agreement, to isolate expertise and support succession planning and onboarding the next generation of employees. Celebrating our experts is an important feature of our solutions, as it creates a strong foundation to implement new approaches to deliver services across a broad set of skills. Transition Path has developed solutions that scale across any role, providing a companion document that supports job descriptions and related HR tools necessary to support the government mandate. 

Global Solutions – Transition Path has developed methodologies that can be deployed for any role, anywhere in the world. With an aging demographic in Canada, The United States and Europe, transitioning knowledge developed over decades, represents a critical success factor. The most successful organizations grow faster, develop new solutions and create environments where the next generation of employees can achieve success and bring new solutions and capabilities to market. 

Health Care – Across Europe and North America, our aging populations are posing a profound demand on the health care industry. With wait lines expanding, government tax pools are declining. The health care sector continues to be challenged to improve services while reducing costs. Transition Path has developed solutions unique to the healthcare industry, to enable management to understand precisely what it is their experts do. It is from this vantage point that management can identify opportunities to reduce cost, align priorities and bring focused resources to solve the most complex challenges.

Investment Banking – Institutional investments including acquisitions and divestitures, requires investors and advisors to function at a low level of understanding. Understanding precisely what experts do is the basis for evaluating how a company will perform, post-acquisition. Transition Path has developed methodologies to capture an unvarnished view of critical roles. Equipped with this insight, companies can insure sustainable performance and growth during periods of change. The results of our work within this sector support monetizing investment and ensure sustainable performance during transition.

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