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Brian Monette
CEO of Transition Path Inc.

I founded Transition Path Inc. in 2010 as a result of a competitor that recruited the leadership team from a company that I was running. Within a few days, three of my top leaders resigned. In an effort to regroup, I took the opportunity to lead our sales organization and to spend face-to-face with my customers. In doing this, I found that what managers thought employees were doing was very different from what they were actually doing.

            I then began canvassing leaders to validate whether they understood precisely what it is their people do. As I asked more leaders, it became clear that when answering that question with great honesty, they truly did not know firsthand how their people deliver their mandate.

            I have a great interest in macro-economics, and over the years, I have studied the implications of a demographic shift caused by the “baby boomer”. Whether you believe the most common theories or not, the fact of the matter is, a significant percentage of the global population is nearing the end of their career and are considering alternative work, employers and other life choices they have.

            The transitioning demographics represents only half of the potential impact to the labour force. The other half represents the new generation of workers that we need to onboard and nurture to success.

            I founded Transition-Path to develop solutions to capture, organize and document precisely what it is our most knowledgeable experts do. This fortifies our leadership to reconcile job descriptions, set clear expectations for success and recruit the right talent for the right job. We have been successful in developing our methodologies and training our people in a manner that allows us to continue to improve our capabilities and introduce new, proven methods.

            The “How” we deliver our services is what we refer to as our business model. All of our solutions have to be scalable, we must be able to deliver the same solution to any expert, wherever they reside, within one business day. With same day results delivered to our customers, bringing clarity to how their experts deliver against their mandate, fortifies the manager to make the best decisions in periods of change.


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