Recruiting Solutions & Core Benefits

Step 1. Role Definition:

BroadScope & 100 Day Work Plan

Extract the framework of knowledge to define the role.

Reinforce Business Fundamentals:

  • Organizational view of role & responsibilities

  • 100 Day work Plan key to candidate success

  • Creation of job description via BroadScope 

  • Communication with client to receive approval of final job description

Step 2. Engage Qualified Candidates

Attract qualified candidates for client presentation.

Active Outreach using Various Channels

  • Internal networks, targeted ads, peer to peer

  • Schedule, interview and vet accordingly

  • Candidate presentation and interview coordination

Step 3. Hire the Best Talent, Guaranteed

Thorough candidate selection leads to a secure hire.

Only the Best Talent is Hired!

  • Offer presented with extended guarantee

  • Trusted advisor to both candidate and client

  • Communication continues beyond start date to ensure all parties are happy

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