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Defining Organizational Knowledge

What is our purpose?

To effectively capture and organize precisely what it is your people do in their role, anywhere in the world.

Why do we exist?

Organizations are struggling with the loss of productivity and institutional knowledge when employees transition within or out of their organization.

Why Should You Care?

By documenting precisely what your people do:

  1. Equips your leadership to align the individual’s priorities with the organization's objectives.

  2. Allows us to better select successors and determine the gaps in experience or knowledge necessary for the candidate to be successful.

  3. Fortifies our first line managers to realize productivity gains by discontinuing non-strategic work and redeploying resources to the top priorities.


The BroadScope™ captures employee knowledge in an efficient, objective and timely manner, providing an organized view of roles and responsibilities.

Detailed Discovery™

The Detailed Discovery™ builds upon the knowledge extracted and captured during a BroadScope, when a deeper understanding is required.

100 Day Work Plan™

The 100 Day Work Plan is an expert-based recommendation outlining the most critical elements of a successor's first 100 days in a role. 

Participatory Decision Making™

The Participatory Decision Making sessions are facilitated knowledge capture and transfer sessions that organize experts' tacit knowledge. The culmination of this insight is applied to solve for complex problems.

Customized Engagements

The results of our engagements may require customized consulting to help your organization implement evidenced based recommendations.


Most engagements are conducted using internet conference calls, ensuring efficient use of the employee’s time, with minimal preparation. Managers and/or successors are welcome to join the call.
All engagements are conducted by a trained Senior Associate Analyst with expertise in capturing and understanding critical information from all roles and responsibilities in an organization.

How We Work

We do it all!
Same day results to support your management team during periods of change.
  1. We develop the communication message aligned to your organization.
  2. We schedule directly with your employees.
  3. We conduct the knowledge capture and publish same day results. 



Transition Path solutions are designed to organize this tacit level knowledge into modules that allow effective knowledge transfer using verbal, visual and written methods.

Many of the most complicated engineering machines are handmade and hand assembled. The trades “engineers” have developed an extensive knowledge that is difficult to codify.

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